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How do you install cement tiles?

Please make sure to refer to this method with your contractor. We are not responsible for any damages that are a result of your contractor's failure to install properly, or faulty workmanship. Your professional tile installer will have their own procedure, but you can refer to these steps that we utilize.

•Please make sure that the surface you are tiling is appropriately leveled, clean, and dry.

•We suggest for your installer to install the tiles prior to cleaning to avoid re-cleaning.

•The methods to clean are either with a water wash and cloth or you can dip each tile in water to remove any dust to pre-wet the back side prior to setting. A very mild soap can also assist in the cleaning. Any small discoloration or minor scratches  can be sanded out with a very fine sand paper.

•Work neatly in small areas to avoid staining tiles with thin set. We recommend using a grey cement thin set. Be sure to wipe off any dirt or excess thin set immediately.

•Sealing must be conducted prior to grouting.

•After installation we suggest utilizing TK6 NanoCoat Concrete Sealer. This product produces a subtle sheen. We suggest 4+ coats. However, please follow directions on the manufacturer's sealant label.

•Tiles should be allowed to dry prior to grouting.

•Grout after sealing. We suggest using a non-sanded grout. It is your preference in terms of grout color, whichever color you want to enhance. We prefer 1/16th grout joints.

•Maintenance can be a product with a mild non-abrasive cleanser soap.

For commercial applications please contact us  directly, or call :646-684-3703.


Are there special instructions for tile installation?

We always recommend selecting the best tile installer you can find. Your tile is only as good as your installer.

Do you provide samples?

Samples are available for in-stock encaustic cement tiles only. Please contact us for more information, and provide your location so that we may determine the shipping fee. Sample tiles are representative of colors, but may vary from batch to batch.

How can I receive my order if I reside locally?

We can provide curbside or door delivery. We will need your address and zip code to determine the fee, and the type of delivery that you would prefer. Please contact us to receive a quote. 

What is the domestic shipping fee?

To determine the shipping fee, we would need your zip code, and if this delivery would arrive at a residental or commercial location. Most LTL carriers require a liftgate at the point of delivery. If you have your own forklift or means to transport the pallet from the truck, please specify this. Please contact us to receive a quote. Or call 646-684-3703.

The price varies depending on how large your order is, and how much you would like to insure the products for. We recommend and encourage adding insurance to your freight.

What if there are damages to the tile during shipping?

Claims for damage must be made within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. Claims for shipping damage must be made to the shipping company responsible. Amethyst Artisan shall not be held accountable. We are not accountable for freight damages after the shipment is made.

All claims for damages in transit must be handled between the customer and freight carrier. Please make comments of any damaged products on your Bill of Lading and the time of delivery and file the claim directly with the carrier. We will offer reasonable assistance in settling claims.

What are the applications for cement tiles?

When cement tiles are installed and sealed properly they are very resistant and can be utilized in different installations. Cement tiles are suitable for all indoor wall and flooring applications. Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation. Caution is recommended for use in wet areas such as pools or fountains as may cause efflorescence. Caution recommended for kitchen or bathroom areas as finish may etch where acidic substances or cleaners are used.

•FLOORS. Cement tiles can be used on floors and are easy to maintain. They are rich in color and provide long-lasting beauty.

•WOOD SUB-FLOORS. Encaustic cement tiles can be installed in a wood sub-floor. Please be sure that the wood surface is not flexible, and please be sure to use a cement backer-board.

•WALLS, BACKSPLASHES, BAR FACADES. Encaustic cement tiles can be installed for a backsplash. Tiles will need to be sealed to avoid absorption of grease and spilled liquids. First, use a penetrating sealer. After that, use an acrylic sealer to get a thin film on the surface of the tiles. With this procedure, the tile can then be cleaned with soap and water.

•BATHROOMS, SHOWERS, SWIMMING POOLS. Encaustic cement tiles can be installed in the bathroom. Encaustic cement tiles will need to be sealed to be 100% water proof and to avoid dampness.

•AROUND HEATING SYSTEMS. Encaustic cement tiles are a perfect material to conduct heat. No special installation will be required.

•FIREPLACE HEARTH OR SURROUND. Encaustic cement tiles are a perfect material to conduct heat. The tile will need to be sealed to protect it from damage.

•OUTDOOR AREAS OR TABLES. Encaustic cement tiles can be installed in areas with freezing weather. We recommend to seal encaustic cement tiles to avoid water absorption, which will prevent expansion and contraction.

What is your minimum quantity for custom tiles?

For custom cement tiles, there is a minimum square footage requirement for custom color specification Please contact us for more information. Or call us at: 646-684-3703 .

We require a 65% non-refundable deposit by check. These funds will be utilized to commence production of your specific order and will be applied to your final balance. The customer agrees to pay shipping costs and sales tax if applicable. Balance is due upon completion and prior to shipping. 

*Custom orders cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time.


Can you replicate a pattern I prefer? Can I design my own tile?

Yes, we can replicate a pattern or create a tile based off of your unique design. Please contact us with the image of the tile design to determine if it is possible to create.

In order to make a cement tile design, we must produce a metal stencil. We will calculate the total price of the stencil after reviewing your design.

Can you make custom strike-off tiles?

Yes, we can make custom strike-off tiles. Please contact us for more information. To call us: 646-684-3703.

Are there shade variations in each batch of tile?

Shade variations are part of the inherent beauty of encaustic cement tile, as they are a handmade product. Amethyst Artisan does not warrant against shade variations. It is recommended that you contact us to order a sample tile to determine the exact color.

Although best effort is made to ensure product images are as close as possible to the actual product, variations in shade, color or appearance is possible. Monitor settings can also play a role in the representation of a picture.

Are there variations or imperfections in your tiles?

Because our tiles are authentically handmade, colors are approximate and sizes are nominal. Due to the nature of this handmade process, expect imperfection and variation in color tones. Irregular edges and the appearance of fine cracks and nicks are inherent to this product and varies from piece to piece.

How durable is concrete tile?

Our tile is very durable but can be susceptible to surface scratching and scuffing if they are not thoroughly sealed. To be cautious, we recommend using felt glides on the bottoms of furniture legs and protecting tiles when installing appliances or other large furnishings. For general foot traffic, the tile will self-buff and become more polished with wear.

Is cement tile slippery?

Although our concrete is very smooth after being sealed it is not slippery when wet. This is due to the natural ‘tooth’ of concrete at a microscopic level. Because concrete is porous, water tends not to ‘sit’ on its the natural ‘tooth’ of concrete at a microscopic level. Because concrete is porous, water tends not to ‘sit’ on its surface.